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12VDC Controllers


The Powerline 12VDC 1.25Amp Controller is a very good entry level controller


Should you need a controller with some serious output...

4 Amp Hand-Held Controller - Part No. DC4A
This model is designed for layout operators who need high current, for example, to operate multiple locomotives on the same train. This requirement is mostly seen in American modelling where running four to six locomotives is not uncommon. Exhibition and O gauge operators have also found the extra current capacity useful on large layouts and for prolonged running of long trains. The 4 Amp controller is supplied as a two piece unit comprising of a hand-held controller attached by a three-metre soft flex cable to a control box. The controller requires a 12-15 volt DC supply capable of producing at least 4 Amps. (There is no limit on the supply capacity current) It is recommended to feed this controller with a supply that exceeds 4 Amps to allow the maximum output through the controller for multiple loco operation. Track feeder wires around the layout should also be min 2.8mm core size to cope with the current supply

The SMRH hand-held controller can be utilized on any layout that is wired conventionally or wired for sectional power control (also referred to as cab control). The controllers feature a three metre soft flex cable allowing the operator to move around the layout. They make the job of fixing derailments easier when the power control is in your hand controllers have in-built electrical overload protection device that prevents the controller from ever being damaged by short circuits etc. As soon as the short is removed from the track the controller is ready to use. The controllers are built rugged for durability and is supplied fully assembled and tested. Warranty expressed as two years. (Items covered components, and labour) 

Switchmode Power Pack - 240V to 13.8VDC/12Amp to suit DC4A hand held - Part No. MP3079

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